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Friday, 7 June 2013

MOVIE REVIEW : Yamla Pagla Deeewana 2

When a movie is not on the screen in front of our eyes, we review what? Then things really can be a lot. After what we have seen of him pack the same sense, the most serious responsibility. Such are - Halle Jlsanuma see the film before the Patiala peg if we drew a little better then it will become listless. But the day of the show would be premature to offer the Patiala Peg. Half past nine in the morning of the show I'm in the movie and the crows are speaking. Obviously Dharam and Sunny cad cad not make much of devotees have arrived.
I saw eyes -'d crush and try to understand that there is a villain in the film, why is getting so much action. I am a man (Anupam Kher) is mirrored, which wants to build a mall, like a space station, but it has nothing to do with the story. There is romance, but it's difficult to guess who is who and why. Ultimately, this is a film which is a comedy, but not a Sense of Humor. Then why do we see this movie? Of course, it is entirely a family film, but here we mean the Deol family is family. If they want to see this movie and laughs and laughs are rolling on the floor.
Papa Dharmendra. They have two sons, Bobby and Sunny, equally appear on the screen. Steely, the other is a romantic, which is so loud rumbles that shake the screen and the film takes the viewer Chitkne corners. Mohammed Rafi naming the film was based on a popular song, which was filmed on Dharmendra. Was the pledge (1975) and the song: I Jtt Yamla Pagla Deewana.
Dharmendra and Bobby are in the role of Pajion. They greet you by saying Oberoi respects. Businessman (Annu Kapoor) two young girls at home: her daughter, the other not. Bobby already fallen for the wrong girl seem to unwind, and then propels luck with that right. Sunny does not freeze but the idea of ​​cheating and they want to thwart it.
But I'm telling the whole story is very simple manner. The film is like a Bhojpuri film, the Punjabis and migrants settled in Southall has been designed keeping in mind. I Yamla Pagla Deewana prequel is said that this movie was a huge hit.
To woo the daughter of businessman Bobby try to be an artist. But his sudden chimpanzees play with colors on the canvas. Abstract painting by telling her that crap they sell. People are ecstatic to see the artwork, visitors are insane and Bobby become the next Picasso. We think in your mind, this artwork can be called art films can be said to this film. Yes, of course.

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