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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Movie Review: Bhag Milkha Bhag -- 2013

The greatest Indian movie based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi (1982) Like the film begins its tragic end. Indeed, just between us and Mashaalla tight Milkha Singh - toms, but the 400-meter race of Olinpiks 1960 Rome film begins when Milkha saw and felt for a short retrospect corresponding with a Mhtwapuarn missed a medal.
As everyone knows, Milkha fourth in the race came at a moment very small - Kansyr medals were missed by the interval. Malkpm Spence was overtaken by South Africa, the USA bags Gold medalist Otis Davis were managed.
But in this film we do not hear these names, Kyonrki Obviously this film is just about the only Milkha Singh. Of course we Foresth Gump movie title reminds me of that memorable line: Forestt runs scored.
Of course, all the on-screen hotspots Filmn 39-year-old actor Farhan Akhtcr who like Milkha long hair, beard, height - saddle and fitness due to appear at all like a professional athlete.

Don 2 directed by Farhan months after you were training, so that looks like the Flying Sikh. It rarely happens that an actor transforms himself cast for a role. And even if the roles are rarely ask for such dedication from an actor.
However, unlike Gandhi Filma it does not end there, where it started., becoming lost during youth, failed to find true love or career are the News Archive.
If this story is more easily pronounced like it Lcshyth film directed by Farhan, a Lcshyॅhin young man finally finds his purpose in life. But the story of this Filmah pieces - pieces have been sentenced.
Milkha's early mentor (great actor Pawan Malhotra), it tells the story.
discovers a place in this world.

We recited the story itself, rather than seeing it happen was needed. Milkha knife punk kids like running are shown. Slumdog Millionaire kids are young children in the way they train.
It is an interesting dimension to their life, but it is dealt with in Jldir. Of course, the ultimate goal of this film is to show us how Milkha become a champion runner.
Takes to overcome obstacles in their path continues, and keeps floors.
In comparison, Tigmanshu Dhulia's Paan Singh Tomar was a much better movie. Both these films tells the story of a runner, so comparing them to real life can not be avoided.
Paan Singh Tomar film than it has ever been created on a large scale, but it is not like that edge. Drishyl legislation of the film is wonderful, but it is made unnecessarily lengthy and cumbersome.
Of the three Tmachon needed, the ten cuffs are killed unnecessarily lengthy sequence is pulled out, you know what I'm saying! It's not because I do not know anywhere that the film is about a living person. Whatever the film's screenwriter Prasoon Joshi creative touch to the story, the author Wastmvik Milkha Singh will remain so. Again this shot is not based on any book, such as, for instance, the great film director Shekhar KapurWas the Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi who was released in lifetime.
But despite all these reasons, in Milkha Singh's life story is powerful, it can not be ignored.
But now the joke is no longer existent.had missed the bronze medal by just 0.1 seconds, or like Mother India, who had lost just one vote in the race for the Oscars, or those of our footballers who like to Kwavlifai in Brazil in 1950 despite the global Cup could not attend.
The film tells a story of Milkha reach Rome Olympics is that very few people know that. It also shows us sharing the horrific pictures and Milkha ground - Atmbiswbsti Bhlati man is on our mind.
So what is missing from us? Is it our fault that we are able to sail a movie so much hope? But do this to us again and again does not?


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