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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dabang 2: Review

Dabangg 2 in a mall in north Mumbai Kurla, was premiered. The first thing I tried to watch this movie. Salman had talked about the fact that it's coming. Grand Salman was swamped by fans everywhere, which was a large proportion of young.

These people were crying standing on escalators, were racing in the lobby, the warm Barikeds were caught. Far from trying to break into the multiplex, I was fed from the outside of the opposite foot back. My life that I was cute.

First Day First Show at nine pm the second time I see the film as it tried. The theater was packed. People laugh before listening to dialogue - were going to double laughed. It seemed as if they had already had to decide whether they will be stuck on the film full.

We can review films, but people how to review this blind faith, because you can never be accused of blasphemies.

Such events can not do much about Smikshkgn. I hope that some of Chennai Smikshkgnon our present condition - some might know, because of our super hero Salman, a superstar Rajinikanth has them too.

So police inspector Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg 2 to clean up the mess of Kanpur motive exists. One Man Army and people really live Pandey neatly government quietly allowed them to dispose of - C is given.

Pandey G Lalganj came from the countryside and only child from mafia-politician Singh (Prakash Raj) Kanpur can save havoc.

Sure 'Kung Fu Robinhood Pandey is a wonderful cop. On the one hand they are very flippantly bribes, while bad behavior never shied away from bashing ensured that traffic constables. When their jeep dug into the wall leaving the whole earth quakes. They tend to crush his enemies and his bone Grdnen - ribs are equal. There are bullets flying in the air above our heads are out.

But sadly that can not romance Pandeji as before, because now that they got married. His wife Rzzo (Sonakshi Sinha) that they earn money for shopping, cook for them and their home Buharti because Pandey to live like that.

Giving a villain sardine edification that girls with names like what he's doing here, he should go home Bsaye, and the joy of being a father give. But please do not try to understand them wrong. Pandey live your innocent - C wife really love.

They say to him, 'You're not my slave, if you want me scolding me in response to scolding can. We are relieved to hear this. Pandey is the weakness of his family live. Their home - the world's father (Vinod Khanna) and brother (Arbaaz), too. We can assume that G Pandey big boring person, but it is not so. In the picture there is a lot friends.

As I said, the show on the screen, viewers do not mind it at all.

Since Salman in the film, so it is guaranteed to walk. It's Complicated is not the case at all.

Salman came on the screen and draws his audience in theaters. Tertiary 'Ready' and 'Bodyguard' hits were similar. Anyone remember all of these films are not directors or co-stars.

Abhinav Kashyap's Dabangg (2010), was a huge commercial success, despite being different. Super stars of the film like crazy audience than the others did.

Generally only Salman in his films starring himself, but his character in the film had drowned. The film had a certain environment and totally entertaining. So why the need was felt to make a sequel.

Within two years, the film Akshay Kumar (Rowdy Rathore, 786 players) and Ajay Devgan (Singm) have double. Akshay and Ajay to say if these films 'Dabangg 2' is even better, but can not be compared with his overbearing.

Being told that the world will end on December But if it is a normal day so you do not feel anything special.

Sallu in the theater you are surrounded by devotees who believe that the Holocaust actually occurred in this superhero so he will save them. Like all faiths of the world, it is also difficult to understand.


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